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" The best way to really get better is to play with other people."

Tony Rice

For More Info. Contact Phil at:


We Jam Two Thursday's

A Month

At 7:00 PM

 Who Can Attend?

You play an acoustic instrument? If the answer is "yes",  you're invited!


Bring a copy of the chord changes for any songs you want to play at the jam. Phil will make copies for everyone .


Let's Jam!



How It Works

 We sit in a circle and  take turns calling songs. You have the option of calling out a song or passing when it is your turn. If you want to sing please feel free! If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you have the option to let someone else sing the song you called. You also have the option to take a "break". A break is an opprtunity to work on your lead playing skills. 


The important thing to remember is that this jam is all about having fun! There is never any pressure to do anything. Katy Jam Buddies is all about having a good time with the music! Beginners are just as welcome as more advanced players.

at Mums, Tums

and Babies!

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